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2022 review of Mid-Year budget (full speech)

In compliance with the Public Financial Management Act of 2016, the 2022 mid-year budget review has been presented to Parliament by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta (Act 921).

Among other things, the minister mentioned the IMF bailout.

There are no extra cash.

They are “committed to staying within the appropriation for 2022,” Ken Ofori-Atta told Parliament “the administration is not looking for more money.

“Despite the weak revenue handles, we are not requesting more money at the mid-year review. We are resolved to make up for income deficiencies and aggressively increase our revenues by effectively using the windfall from the petroleum sector, he said.

He continued, “We have a historic tradition of finding solutions to the problems facing our nation. We have done it before, and we will do it again. With the backing of this House and the wonderful people of Ghana, we will succeed this time, and we will be stronger for it. As we make good on the Lord’s promise to deliver his people corn, wine, and oil in Joel 2 to satiate us and put an end to reproach.”

We must avoid pessimism on our trip since it saps vital vitality from our forward movement toward transformation. To ensure our own success as a people, we must all share the same sense of patriotism. After all, a united nation would be unrestrained in its pursuit of victory, he continued.


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