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How Rich Is Alex Turner? Arctic Musician Alex Turner’s Net Worth, Salary, Income, Forbes Fortune

What is Alex Turner’s net worth? The Arctic Monkeys frontman has made an impressive fortune throughout his career.

The Arctic Monkeys announced their 2023 UK tour last week, and fans have been rushing to be the first to get tickets this morning after they went on sale at 9 am.

The famous frontman, Alex Turner, has made headlines today after an exclusive interview where he spilled all the secrets behind their brand new album The Car.

In the interview, he described the approach the band took to writing the new songs, saying: “I was interested in switching the ‘rock band’ bit on and off’.

“But yeah, everything’s come down a little bit, and I like that.”

The new album is set to be the Arctic Monkeys most cinematic-sounding record, and although Turner is aware of the hopes and expectations of fans for the new sound, the band have ploughed on with the sound they wanted to create.

This will be the first time the indie four-piece have released music in four years, with the highly anticipated new record being released on October 21.

The group first formed in 2002 and released their debut studio album four years later in 2006.

With all their successes and achievements over the last two decades, what is frontman Alex Turner’s net worth in 2022?

What is Alex Turner’s net worth?

Frontman Alex Turner has an estimated net worth in the region of $25 million (£22.3 million).

It wasn’t too long ago that Alex Turner waved goodbye to his Los Angeles lifestyle, and relocated back to England with his current girlfriend Louise Verneuil.

Previous to this he said that LA was: “built on rock ‘n’ roll so the best studios are here.”

Turner reportedly bought a swanky £1 million pad in East London in 2020 so that he and his girlfriend could be closer to home.

Verneuil also has an extremely successful singing career in France and released an album in 2020 that made it imperative for her to be near her home country for promotion purposes.

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