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Armed Police raid Fancy Gadam’s home over attack on Journalist (Video)

The residence of Fancy Gadam was invaded by armed police in the Northern region on Saturday, July 2.

Mynewsgh.com said that the police conducted a raid on the residence of one of the region’s most popular musical acts due to an alleged assault case against his younger brother, Masib Bello.

Halik Musah, who is also known as DJ Tell, works for Tamale-based Radio Tamale. 

He is famous for having long criticized Fancy Gadam. Their relationship has soured as a result of his frequent criticism of the artist.

In the past few weeks, their public conflict has been characterized by tense verbal confrontations on numerous radio programs.

According to mynewsgh.com, Masib may have attacked Halik physically because of something Halik said.

It is said that Halik misinterpreted their arguments by bringing up Fancy Gadam’s mother’s name. 

This, according to Mynewsgh.com, infuriated Masib to the point that he attacked the radio host. The assault’s nature, timing, and location are yet unknown.

Halik was targeted for arrest when he filed a formal complaint with the police. Masib had left the house by the time they arrived, though.


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