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Bobrisky School’s Fellow Cross-Dressers On How To Completely Become Females

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, also known as Bobrisky, a popular Nigerian cross-dresser, has taken to social media to teach his fellow cross-dressers how to take their cross-dressing game to the next level.

According to Bobrisky, most cross-dressers appear odd, which is why he decided to teach them how to be the ladies they desired.

He stated that in order for them to have a more feminine appearance, they must undergo hormone treatment in which all masculine muscles and veins are destroyed.

He also mentioned that crossdressers should improve their voices by seeking out skilled specialists who can assist them with releasing something in their throat, allowing them to speak in a more feminine tone.

“I’m not shading anyone, but many of you cross dressers look wicked. Below are the first steps.You should do be a girl.”

1. hormone therapy; you have to k II all the muscles and veins in ur body 

i) Work on ur voice meets good doctor there is something they need to cut out to loosen it to sound more feminine 

ii) get a laser done to stop hair growth from or beards, armpit, chest etc 

iii) surgeries: liposuction to enhance ur body etc. 

All dis so called crossdressers I see around still look like men. The funniest part is when they open their mouth damn,” he listed.

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