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C/R: Private vehicles involvement in road accident increased by 27.6%

According to the Central Region’s National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), there were 27.6% more road accidents involving private vehicles in the first half of 2022 than there were in the same period in 2021.

250 confrontations were reported last year; this year, 319 collisions involving private automobiles were reported between January and June.

“As of the end of June, we had 529 roadside collisions. There were 826 automobiles involved in the conflicts that we were able to report. Commercial vehicles make up 325 of the 826 total, while private cars make up 319.

“In reality, when you look at how they fared, you’ll see that while private vehicle sales increased by 27.6 percent vs 2021, commercial vehicle sales decreased by 5.2 percent.

When asked about the spike, Miss Linda Afotey Annan, Director of the NRSA in the Central Region, told ATL FM NEWS, “When we look at our commercial vehicles, I believe that we have engaged them a lot. Because they are all together in one location, it is simple for us to have a large number of commercial vehicles.

“We might, for example, put them at the terminals. Therefore, we think that everything is making sense to our drivers, and maybe that’s why there aren’t as many collisions involving commercial cars.

She said that the NSRA would continue to work with the media to reach out to lots of people in order to assist address this issue, and she added that they will also use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread information.

“Aside from that, we’ve written a lot of letters to the majority of the institutions in the Central Region so that we have the chance to educate everyone who drives within those institutions, especially their drivers. At the moment, we have been asked by three to five institutions to inform their members on the best practices for driving safely,” she continued.

With all the precautions her organization has taken, the NRSA Central Regional Director is optimistic that by the end of 2022, there won’t be many collisions involving private automobiles in the Central Region.



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