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Court Seals Heritage Bank

Following Heritage Bank’s unwillingness to comply with a court order that was issued in favor of Damsa Damsa Chambers’ client, the National Industrial Court in Abuja decided to close all of the branches of Heritage Bank in Abuja on August 7th and 24th, 2023. In the case that the Chambers brought against the Adamawa State Government about a year ago and won, the Garnishee ruling was successful.
Following a number of court hearings and postponements, the judge issued an order compelling Heritage Bank to settle the outstanding debt of over seven hundred and ten million, nine hundred and sixty-nine thousand, one hundred and forty-nine Kobo (#710,969,140.9k) owed by their client, the Adamawa State Government.
Heritage Bank showed a clear contempt for lawful procedure by failing to comply with the court order, despite the fact that the court had established many deadlines for compliance with the order. As a direct result of this willful defiance, the court was unable to do anything other than involve the Nigerian Police Force and order the closure of the bank’s head office in Abuja as well as its other Branches.
Barr. JT Damsa, who represents Damsa Damsa Chambers, was pleased with the decisions that the court made. He noted that this judgment serves as an important deterrent to other public liability firms that may consider flouting or flagrantly defying court orders in the future. He also emphasized that if they do not comply, the next step will be for them to close the Lagos Branches of the Bank.
At the scene of the sealing, the officials from the banks could be seen looking astonished and perplexed, while some appeared to be outright bewildered and upset.



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