Emotional moment man approached sad-looking woman only to discover she lost all her goods (Video)

A Nigerian content creator has put a smile on the face of an elderly woman he spotted sitting by herself in public.

He approached her because he saw her looking gloomy, so he engaged the woman in a conversation.

The IG star wanted to know if everything was fine, but she asked him what he would be able to do if things were not okay for her.

He said his plan would be to crack a joke to make her smile, but she wondered how a joke would make her smile when she was hungry.

They engaged in a lengthy conversation, and she revealed that her goods were all seized and burnt in Akure, Ondo state, so she did not have any business or job.

She also disclosed that she recently had an accident on her two legs and she was looking for money to go for treatment. The man then provided some succor by giving her some money, which she appreciated.

Watch the video below.

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