Esther Smith

Esther Smith reveals how she nearly died of an unknown sickness

Ghanaian gospel musician Esther Smith has given a testimony about how, in 2019, an unidentified illness nearly claimed her life in Germany.

Esther Smith emotionally admitted during a singing service at the church that she would have died by now if it weren’t for God’s mercy and grace.

Esther Smith described what actually happened to her at the New Pentecostal Ministries Church in Germany, saying that despite not having asthma, she suddenly had trouble breathing.

She was really anxious when all the famous doctors who treated her stated they couldn’t pinpoint the precise problem with her respiratory system despite extensive testing and scans.

She turned to prayer and begged God to intervene since she felt like things were spiraling out of control, but despite her fervent pleading, she received no response from God. She also got in touch with one of her spiritual fathers.

She was plagued by a strange illness that threatened to send her to the hereafter, but Pastor Alfred Nyamekye, a strong man of God, was able to bind and cast it away.

Before COVID was created, Esther Smith experienced all of these issues in 2019.


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