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Facebook gaming app to shutdown in October.

The Facebook Gaming app will no longer be available on Facebook, the company’s main social media platform. The social networking site notified customers through email that the app would stop operating on iOS and Android as of October 28, 2022.

Additionally, as on that day, they won’t be accessible via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We want to sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for your efforts in creating a vibrant gaming and fan community since the inception of this app. The message stated that the initiative to provide new gaming capabilities to Facebook was actually driven by the community.

You can still find your games, streamers, and groups when you visit Gaming in the Facebook app, it said. “Despite this news, our mission to connect players, fans, and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed,” it added.

Before the app is removed from the market, users can download their search history.

With this development, the Facebook Gaming app, which made its debut during the pandemic when people began using gaming as a hobby, a means to pass the time, and an entertainment medium, comes to an end after little over two years. The app enables users to participate in gaming groups as well as play games and watch their favorite streamers perform.

Facebook’s attempt to dominate the live game streaming market and effectively leverage its sizeable user base has resulted in this gaming platform; steps taken to ensure its success include exclusivity agreements with creators and well-known figures like Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr., a creator platform, and the option to co-stream.

Its popularity increased during the epidemic as it coincided with the rise and “leveling up” of the game industry, but it has since begun to decline as it has struggled to become a serious Twitch rival.

Facebook Gaming has a market share of 7.9% for hours viewed in the second quarter of the year, bringing the total to 580 million, according to a StreamLabs analysis (the least among Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming). Twitch, which maintained its market domination, received 76.7% of the hours seen, while YouTube Gaming Live received 15.4%.

Despite the fact that the number of hours watched had increased to 803 million in Q1 2022, it did not do much better in the first quarter of the following year.



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