Frimprince Production Terminates Contract Of Evangelist Diana Asamoah After 22 Years Of Working With Her- Details

Mr. Frimpong Anane, the owner of Frimprince Music Productions has terminated the contract of award-winning gospel musician, Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

Both parties have worked from 2000 till 2022 which means they have worked for 22 solid.

According to the termination contract signed by both parties already, the decision of Frimprince Music Productions to end their working relationship with Diana Asamoah is because she has breached a few verbal agreements.

The production house in the termination contract spelled out certain terms Evangelist Diana Asamoah should obey religiously if she does want any legal tussle.

The terms are:

  1. You are restricted from referring to Mr. Anane Frimpong as your executive producer.
  2. You will no longer have access to any of our digital platforms including the Facebook page ‘The Evangelist Diana Asamoah’.
  3. You are restricted from using this Frimprince logo on any of your new songs
  4. We disassociate ourselves from ABBA FATHER event which was our creative idea to build your brand.
  5. We Wish to also disassociate ourselves from the MABAWOODIN company and all its accounts.

See the signed termination contract below for more details…

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