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GhanaCards of applicants attempting to override NCA orders are available.

Nine people who submitted an application to halt the National Communications Authority (NCA) from blocking unregistered SIM cards, according to the NCA, have their Ghana Cards ready.

The NCA’s September 30 deadline, which tries to deactivate anyone who don’t register their sim card, was challenged in court by the nine applicants.

The applicants claim that after applying for their Ghana Cards on various dates, they have not yet received them.

The NCA requests that the High Court reject the application because it was incompetent in an opposition affidavit, noting that the applicants’ Ghana Cards were ready but that they failed to pick them up from the National Identification Authority (NIA).

The NCA claimed that a search made at the NIA by its attorney, Mr. Gary Nimako Marfo, revealed that copies of the applicants’ Ghana Cards had been printed.

According to the Authority, the affidavit submitted by the petitioners to support their claim was not sworn before a Commissioner of Oath as required by the court regulations.

The nine petitioners are asking for a ruling that the NCA’s orders to their mobile telecommunications carriers to block, disconnect, deactivate, or otherwise restrict the use of their phone sim cards by September 30 were unfair, unjustified, and illegal.

As of today, September 30, 2022, the NCA’s deadline for re-registering Sim cards is in effect.

Sim cards that had not been registered should be deactivated or blocked, according to a previous recommendation from the NCA.

This came after it extended the dates for sim card registration.

People who had even registered their sim cards were impacted by this, and the situation caused a public uproar.

The court has set a date of October 6, 2022, to consider the nine applicants’ request for an injunction.



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