How I lost GHc800K in a day on sports betting – Church elder shares (Video)

A Ghanaian church elder named Jonathan has shared his story of how he lost almost all his money to soccer betting.

According to Jonathan, as a result of his addiction to betting, he lost a staggering GHC 800,000 and is now deeply in debt.

He said in his narration that he initially bet and won, which encouraged him to bet more and with larger amounts, which was the start of his decline.

“A friend introduced me to betting, and my first stake was Ghc5000. I was a novice, but the guy who introduced me was good at sports analysis, so I had a profit of Ghc3900. The second time, I placed a bet of Ghc3000 and won Ghc5000. On the third time, I staked Ghc20,000 and won Ghc80,000. I asked God, where has this been all this while and I have been suffering. I didn’t know there was such an avenue to make me rich, and that day the betting spirit sank deep into my spirit and blood,” he narrated.

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