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I cheated on my wife to make her lose weight – Man narrates (Video)

A Kenyan man has left many netizens stunned after he revealed why he decided to have an affair despite being married.

He was speaking to a televangelist who they visited for counseling after she found out that he cheated on her.

He recounted how he met her in 2017 when she was looking very pretty and slender, but after they got married in 2020 she began to become less attractive in his eye.

The husband explained that it was because she began to gain weight that he felt he was no longer seeing the pretty wife he married.

He signed her up at a gym in a bid to make her return to her former figure but it was all to no avail.

According to the man, when all failed, he asked her the reason for her sudden weight gain and she told him it was because she had peace of mind.

That was when he thought to himself that if peace of mind can make her become plus sized then he would have to find a way to ruin it so that she can have her past figure.

He then decided to cheat and it gave her sleepless nights such that she was thinking often about it and was no longer eating regularly.

He said that his method worked because she now looks slim and he is happy about his strategy producing the desired result.

The man also said that when he got his ‘former’ wife back, he told the woman he cheated with that they can no longer continue.

All the while he was talking, the woman was sobbing while sitting beside her husband.

Watch him speak below:

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