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I could not come out with another hit song after ‘Sore’ because of spiritual problems- Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog has given an explanation for his brief absence despite having a successful career because of his international hit song, “Sore.”

When the young artist from Kumasi debuted Sore in 2020 and then followed it up with an even better remix in 2021 that included UK rapper Stomzy and Kwesi Authur, he became the greatest phenomenon in the business.

In a recent interview, he admitted to celebrity blogger Zionfelix that the reason he was unable to maintain the momentum was because he had been spiritually assaulted by a professional colleague.

Yaw Tog said he battled the new challenge on his own and it forced him to sit back and restrategize before coming back.

“The way I wanted things to fall in place were not going as I expected. Anything I do goes back so I had to sit down and do what was necessary and come back again”, he told Zionfelix.



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