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I didn’t start the Lyrical Joe beef-Amerado.

One of Ghana’s top rated young rappers and 3 Music rapper of the year Amerado has come out to clarify issues between himself and industry colleague Lyrical Joe.

The two rappers in the past few weeks have been the most talked about celebrities in the news, TV and also on social media regarding the recent heat up between the two.

Amerado speaking on the situation on UTV’s United ShowBiz with host Nana-Ama McBorwn he stated that he didn’t start the beef with his colleague but rather due to the plans his team and himself had for the year per the song releases they had it coincidentally clashed with Lyrical Joe’s situation which people thought he was referring to the rapper.

He further went to explain that, after winning rapper of the year at the 3Music awards he thought he would also be crowned same at the VGMA which didn’t happen as planned and leading to the event he had already recorded a song with his female colleague Eno Barony which they planned would be released one’s he’s crowned rapper of the year at the VGMA which didn’t happen so but rather Lyrical Joe won the award. He said irrespective our song had to be released and so they went ahead to release the song with which a term he used in the song “Ojoo” popular used in Kumasi became and offensive word to Lyrical Joe and in return recorded a diss song to him.

Why I ended the beef

While the two rappers were enjoying recording songs attacking each other Amerado after recording his 4th song decided to end the beef and focus on other things. speaking on the he emphasized that his team already had a plan of releasing his album in other to achieve that he had to capitalize on the current situation and release the first song of the album dubbed Grace which he featured Lasmid the Friday Night hit maker.

Amerado also made it clear that he had no personal hatred for Lyrical Joe but he saw the beef as part of Hip-hop music and so would any day meet Lyrical Joe and even record or hold an event with him.

He later called on investors to support beefing and invest more money into it to make the industry interesting.



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