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Man dies of heart attack after wife he cheated on him as payback

A lady has taken to Twitter to share a tragic story of a man who allegedly committed suicide after discovering that his wife had an affair behind him since he had been unfaithful to her before.

The lady identified as MphoMoalamedi on Twitter revealed that her uncle had an extramarital affair with their neighbor.

His wife felt deceived and distraught when the lady gave birth to his kid, so she made the decision to repay him.

She had an extramarital affair and went on vacation with the other man, but when her husband found out, he suffered a heart attack and passed away.

The post reads; “A lady said that her uncle cheated (continuously) on his wife and even had a baby with the lady from next door. The wife cheated back and went to a baecation with her side. When the husband found out, he got a heart attack and died.

Men will swear that monogamy isn’t natural, cheat and even give examples of animals that are not monogamous and then get mad when women cheat back. I thought you said humans aren’t monogamous fam, so why you mad at the idea of your woman not being monogamous too?

Whenever I think about that tweet I laugh because how do You put your wife through such, but get sick because if a likkle baecation?😂😂

I hope the wife is living her best life and the husband turns in his grave whenever he sees her with a man❤

He shouldn’t have died. Not immediately anyway. He should’ve lived for at least 6 months while getting familiar with the consequences of his actions. She should’ve enjoyed her affair then file for divorce. He got off too easy 💔

Not everyone will walk away after you cheat. They will stay with you and perfectly plot their revenge. Think of that before you do something you wouldn’t want your partner doing to you

Imagine how embarrassing it must be yelling all the other ancestors how you died 😭😭 I got a heart attack because the wife I cheated on, cheated back.”



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