man turns into a cow

Shocking as man turns into a cow after sleeping with a married woman (Video)

Shocking news picked up online has it that a man has reportedly turned into a cow after he allegedly had an affair with a married woman.

In a video shared on social media, the man was seen sitting on the ground, crying.

From the video, one could see that his legs had turned into a cow’s trotters, and he had grown a tail, which was wiggling from behind him.

He was heard sobbing like a human, but in between tears, he began to sound like a cow.

As he mooses, a mob of people envelops him in amazement and bemusement, filming the bizarre and dramatic event. They examine his trotters and record his tail.

A man with an East African accent narrates the incident that: “This guy was bewitched and turned into a cow after sleeping with someone’s wife. I feel sorry for this guy but let this serve as a lesson to people who like to sleep with people’s wives. There are a lot of single women out there.”

Watch the video below.


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