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Minalyn breaks silence on rumours of her break up with Zionfelix (Video)

Zionfelix’s baby mama, Minalyn, has subtly reacted to the trending rumours that the astute blogger has dumped her.

Recall that we reported earlier that Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix, real name Felix Adomako Mensah, has allegedly broken up with his baby mama.

This was made known by Instagram blogger Tutugyagu. Zionfelix and his girlfriend, Minalyn Touch, have gone their separate ways.

According to Tutugyagu, Zion’s father texted Minalyn to call off their relationship, which people believed could lead to their marriage.

The Instagram blogger, in her allegation, mentioned that Minalyn is older than the blogger and her family is not okay with that.

The post reads: Hmmm br3guo y3 ya ooo. But Mina 3nny3 hwee wai. Everything happens for a reason. According to my sources, the relationship between Mina and Zion has hit the rocks. Mina say she can’t do again. Zion de3 annka he’s good ooo but it’s the family. They’re still not in support of him marrying an older woman. I understand this side because our part of Africa, our parents feel like men should be the head of the home and don’t have to marry older women but in the western world things are very different. I learnt Zion’s father even texted Mina personally to leave the boy alone oo. According to my sources, the message was like ‘y3mma wo nnware no nn3, nnware no kyena. S3 wo se wo y3 ayigbeni aa mennso m3 kyer3 wo s3 me y3 asanteni’. This same man(Zion’s father),was very cool with Mina when Zion was broke ooo. Zion lived with Mina when he didn’t have his own place(The family used to visit them at Mina’s place). He drove Mina’s car when he didn’t have his own car. All this while the family was cool with Mina ooo.Immediately Zion started making money, that’s when they started controlling his life. The thing over Mina now, she says she can’t do again so she’s told Zion to go his way because his family are on her neck. The family have chosen Erica over Mina and they have made her aware that she’s just wasting her own time with Zion because it’s not going to work. She didn’t want to let go because of how she’s suffered with the guy but she had to, since the family isn’t in support. Is Erica a good match for Zion? Anaa social media in-laws mo se ‘STILL MINA’ ? ?… And if you’re a guy, will you allow your parents to force you to leave the woman you suffered with for another woman? ?”

However, a few hours after the news went viral, Minalyn has come out to make a video to react to it.

In a new video that was posted on her TikTok, Mina denied ever being in love with her baby daddy (Zionfelix).

According to Mina, she viewed their affair as a scripted joke because she wasn’t committed throughout the relationship before its abrupt collapse.

Watch the video below.


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