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Music, magic and comedy live experience and incredible turnout.

After the show took a two-year break due to COVID-19 public protocol restrictions, last Saturday’s performance in Accra’s Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) truly demonstrated how much Ghanaians had missed Ghana’s sole trilogy show event, dubbed “Music, Magic & Comedy” (MMC Live).

An all-star array of brilliant artists gave the audience a night of upbeat music, belly laughs, and sheer enchantment. The fifth iteration of MMC Live delivered precisely that, beyond the hopes and happiness of Ghanaians.

Fans of Ghanaian music, magic, and comedy from all walks of life flocked to the venue in jubilation to take part in the event. It was a nightlong event that offered nonstop entertainment.

The Global Media Alliance (GMA) event began with a vibrant samba dance performance by Samba Ghana and a variety of live band music from the Ark Band.

Abetimi, a young female musician, and Kweku Wina, the King of YFM Rapture Season Two, entered the stage together and sang songs that wowed the audience at the occasion.

Kojo Manuel, Ghana’s top hype man, and MzOrstin, Ghana’s best female DJ, both of YFM, turned up the stage that evening while the crowd savored their pizza slices, beverages, and ice cream.

Customers were taken aback when comedian and show presenter Clemento Suarez rode a bike from the audience to the stage.

Adina, a timeless smooth singer, took the stage to deliver a pair of back-to-back performances of her top hits.

Adina’s performance was one of the highlights, and some of the audience members waved their hands in appreciation as they watched her sing.

Young comic Parrot Mouth set the stage for Nigerian actor Kenny Blaq’s performance just after she finished performing, and Blaq did a good job on stage. He had a commanding presence on stage.

The South African magician Regardts Laubscher astounded everyone with his amazing wizardry.

KiDi gave spirited live performances at the well-attended event, playing the majority of his hits nonstop for the audience’ enjoyment.

The audience was left wanting more as KiDi, who performed what he does best, produced a mind-blowing performance. His performance was fantastic, and the songs he played spoke for themselves in terms of the caliber of his songwriting.



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