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My wife registered our land in her name only after finding out I had another kid with another woman – Man cries out

A man has taken to social media to disclose how his wife has been treating her after finding out that he has a child with another woman.

According to the man, he was transferred to another region and met a girlfriend. 

The girlfriend got pregnant and gave birth to a girl in 2019 but decided to hide this from his wife, who had then joined me and lived together, till the girlfriend brought the girl to their house one day to disgrace him in front of my wife.

After the incident, he settled everything and is living peacefully, but the wife’s attitude towards him has changed.

According to him, though he has learnt his lessons and been faithful to his wife, she doesn’t add up any money to the housekeeping one. 

He stated that, “Infact ,she keeps increasing the money almost every 4mths. Before,she got to know I have a child out of wedlock, I was giving her 600 for the 3boys in 2020. currently,I’m paying 1500cedis. She keeps saying since she doesn’t know how much I give to the little girl, she will ensure her kids enjoys their dad’s money and will continue to increase as and when she feels like. Another one is,she bought a land  and added my name to the documents, can you people she has changed to solely  her name with the excuse that, she doesn’t want any child or other children to come and fight her sons over property in the name of I’m their father.”

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