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Prez. Buhari explains why he won’t leave any inheritance for his children

Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria, is said to have stated that he will not leave an inheritance to his children.

Speaking on July 13 in Daura, Katsina State, Buhari emphasized the need to leave children more than just a material inheritance.

Buhari pleaded with parents to provide their kids with continued education so they might learn values, respect for lawful authority, and how to live a meaningful life.

According to him, “I was locked up for more than three years, after leading the country. At that point, I realised and I told my children that your net worth is what is in your head, not what you have acquired in life.

My focus has always been on training the children to be relevant wherever they find themselves. I told my children, particularly the girls, that they can only get married after getting first degree.

They already know that I am not leaving anything for anyone to inherit. My greatest legacy to the children is to ensure they are properly educated.

We should ensure the children get proper education. The knowledge they acquire should not be towards getting government jobs. We don’t have jobs in government anymore. With technology, governments are becoming more smaller, nimble and efficient.

Emphasis should now be on skills acquisition and competence in creation and deployment of technology. During the Covid-19, we asked all level 12 downward to stay at home, and surprisingly the systems worked effectively.”


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