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Public service workers to embark on a nationwide strike

The Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) members of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have announced that they will be going on strike effective July 19th.

According to the union in a press release, the main reason for the strike is inflation.

“Inflation continues to rise, with official figures for May, 2022 at 27 .60 , an lg-year high. This has led to frequent price increases and a constant erosion of the real value of the relatively low wages of the public. sector workers’ This condition informed Organized Labour, led by the TUC (Ghana) at the 2022 May Day Parade to entreat the President of Ghana to approve the payment of Cost-of-Living Allowance (CoLA) to cushion workers, followed by a written request on June 24,2022, albeit, without a response,” part of the release reads.

See full statement below.



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