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Rockstone commend Amerado and Lyrical Joe.

Rapper Reggie Rockstone, a veteran, has praised Amerado and Poetic Joe for their lyrical conflict but expressed hope that it won’t turn physical.
The two musicians are talented, according to Reggie Rockstone, who counseled them to view their conflict solely as a lyrical battle and nothing else.

I appreciate how both artists consistently demonstrate their skill as rappers in their tracks. It’s incredible how quickly both artists released the tracks. I’ve listened to both artists’ songs, and damn, they’re good.

“Lyrical Joe uploads his song, and in around two hours or so, Amerado responds. Before the ink on Amerado’s songs dries, Lyrical Joe responds, “Same way.”

“This is really profound, and I’ll ask both artists to keep up the fantastic work and just avoid getting physical,” he recently said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

Reggie Rockstone claims that when the rappers participating in a lyrical conflict start assaulting one other’s family members, such as spouses and moms, it shifts into something else that is not healthy.

“I would prefer that whenever Amerado and Lyrical Joe, two rappers, cross paths, they embrace and compliment each other on their wonderful work.

“But as soon as they cross paths and turn away, there’s a problem, and that’s not good,” he said.

Rappers should generally exercise caution when picking fights, according to Reggie Rockstone. “Don’t bother going after an artist if you know he is not worth your time, but if you think he is and you can get some notice, simply go all out”

Strongman and Medikal, Amerado and Lyrical Joe, and M.anifest and Sarkodie are all excellent pairings.

He remarked, “These are brilliant rappers who want to show Ghanaians and their supporters how good they are, and I’m confident they’ve accomplished their goal with their battles.”

Reggie Rockstone, best known for songs like Keep Your Eyes On the Road, Sweetie Sweetie, Fa Me Bone Kye Me, and Plan Ban, among others, claimed that when done effectively, lyrical conflicts are beneficial to the music business.

Nobody should think that disputes in the music business are improper or undesirable. I wouldn’t recommend it when it becomes aggressive and filthy, he added.



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