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SIM card re-registration is extended to September 30

The government has again extended the SIM card re-registration exercise due to September 30, 2022.

The new extension date was confirmed by Ursula Owusu, minister of communications, at a press conference held today, July 31, 2022.

“The programme will be extended to 30 September to end the anniversary of its commencement which will give us a full year. Any sim that has not been registered by end of August will be barred from receiving services,” the Minister told the press.

The previous deadline for everyone to re-register their SIM cards with their Ghana Cards was July 31.

The SIM cards of those who had disobeyed the order would have been deactivated.

The rules are intended to assist law enforcement authorities in tracking down offenders who use phones for illegal purposes, identifying SIM card owners, and preventing phone theft, hate texting, mobile fraud, and SIM box fraud.

In order to employ value-added services like mobile banking, mobile money, and electronic payment systems, they must also assist in identifying customers.

Not all Ghanaians, however, have been successful in obtaining their Ghana Cards.

In contrast to the 808,493 printed cards, the National Identification Authority reports that 15,702,719 cards have been issued.



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