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“Solve your marital issues and leave me out” – Zionfelix responds to Patapaa’s accusation

Ghanaian celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Zionfelix, has reacted to Patapaa’s accusation of him being the cause of the alleged rift in his marriage.

Patapaa, responding to a viral video of Zionfelix and his wife driving on the streets of Germany, said it’s because of the blogger that he doesn’t want to see his wife again and accused him of being the cause of their break-up.

“Is because of this guy, I don’t want to see my wife again. He is the problem between I and my wife. Your mother, John brogg, you will not make it in this life. You have a wife but still love my wife,” Patapaa angrily wrote on his WhatsApp.

Reacting to this accusation by the musician, Zionfelix denied having any close relationship with Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller.

According to Zionfelix, when he saw the screenshots of Patapaa’s charges, he felt it was a joke.

He revealed that he spoke with Patapaa through his manager, but that what he said made no sense.

Patapaa wanted Zion to ask his permission before interrogating his wife, Zion hinted. 

Despite his apologies, he has begged Patapaa to resolve his marital problems and leave him alone.

Watch full video below.


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