“Stop destroying Atta Mills tomb” – Family sternly warns government

The family of the late former president of the state, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills has raised alarms concerning the grave of the former president.

The family is very furious with the Government for allowing an NGO run by Koku Anyidoho, former national General Secretary of the NDC to tamper with the tomb of the late President Mills during a renovation at Asomdwe Park.

The brother of the late President Mills stated that, the tomb where President Mills was buried is being desecrated and questioned the government why they did not consult the family before involving in such a renovation.

“This is an insult to the family, this is an insult to the nation, this is an insult to the Akans…now the government allows an NGO to run Asomdwee Park. President Atta Mills is not the only president who has passed away in Ghana, other presidents have passed away.

“It is a very serious thing but the government has to provide the body of President John Atta Mills, we want to find out where the body is. What have you done with it, what kind of rituals did you perform over there, when curses start coming after you don’t blame anybody,” The brother of the late President Samuel Atta Mills tells the media.

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