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Tech Startups encouraged To Produce Data.

Derek Kweku Degbedzui, a DATA Analyst for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), has urged Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the nation, particularly those in the digital and technology sector, to expand their data creation efforts.

He emphasized that the usage of data has become “non-negotiable” in our current situation as a nation and that data generation would aid in informing policy decisions and implementation.

Mr. Degbedzui implied that startups need to produce data as much as they consume it during his remarks at the Accra West Startup Summit, an event aimed at developing the tech and digital abilities of aspiring entrepreneurs to support Ghana’s digital industry.

“In my opinion, using data is now an absolute must. It now becomes a part of our life. You are a consumer even if you are not the manufacturer, he continued.

“A lot of things are taking place in the digital space, which now allows us everyone to use it. We should all be willing to contribute to the process to make it more viable if you truly want to be the appropriate data users, he said.

The Ghana Tech Lab and the Mastercard Foundation organized a pitching competition called the Accra West Startup Summit.

Ten entrepreneurs presented their business modules to judges during the event, which had the theme “Data Science for Sustainable Business Development and Job Creation,” and winners were announced.

Mr. Degbedzui described the procedures for the event and said that applications are typically made available to everyone who is interested, particularly those who have graduated from academic institutions.

Selections are made following interviews, and the chosen candidates are then put through a rigorous 6-week training program, emerging well-prepared for the following stage.

“We began working on this project in 2018.” We’ve regularly offered a variety of programs in data science training, web programming, cloud computing, and mobile app development, and I believe the overall goal has been to arm students with the information they need to first come up with business concepts that they can then develop into start-ups. It has seen tremendous success in recent years.



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