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The Association of LPG Marketers assure Ghanaians of product availability after strike.

The LPG marketers Association of Ghana assures customers that they would be able to purchase goods from its member stores located all over the nation.

The group previously went on strike in 2017 in protest of a government prohibition on the installation of new LPG stations.

The situation left a lot of customers stranded at the gas pumps.

After the National Petroleum Authority issued a statement lifting the moratorium on the construction of new LPG installations, the industrial action was eventually called off yesterday.

Despite the costs associated with the strike, according to Gabriel Kumi, vice president of the LPG Marketers Association of Ghana, they feel “it was worth it.”

“You can only image what the scenario will entail to a business owner if they are forced to close the company that provides for them and their families for almost 4 days. Even if we are unable to put a number on our loss during the last four days, we think it was worthwhile. Mr. Kumi went on to say that sometimes you have to lose in order to gain.

In the meantime, the LPG marketing associations and the Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union, who were both on strike, have stated that they will not end their industrial action until their concerns regarding the trackers put on their vehicles have been resolved.

George Nyaunu, the chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Truckers Union, argued that the tracker system is unfavorable to the drivers that transport petroleum products on Ghanaian roadways.

Due to the nature of our roads, he claimed, even if you encounter multiple potholes while traveling from Achimota to Nsawam, the tracker will have been alerting NPA that the seal is being tampered with while nothing of the sort has occurred.

Mr. Nyaunu further mentioned that the drivers’ refusal to get back behind the wheel until their issues have been addressed as a result of their fear that, should the industrial action be called off, no one will listen to them.

Later today, the group is scheduled to meet with the National Petroleum Authority; the meeting’s conclusion will determine whether they decide to continue their strike.



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