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There should be ministerial reshuffling – Gyampo tells Akufo-Addo

Ransford Gyampo, a professor in the University of Ghana’s Department of Political Science, has expressed concern regarding President Akufo-choice Addo’s not to reshuffle his appointments.

Gyampo stated, “If you have the men, some are fatigued, others have been incompetent, and some are packing away,” on Asaase Monday (8 August) on the Big Bulletin. Why don’t you rearrange them and add some more? Fresh thoughts, fresh perspectives, fresh vigor, and all that. However, the president has the last say.

After his term, we will be the finest judges, he said. We will evaluate him and decide whether or not he has done well with his ministers. “If the president feels that they have done marvellously, well,” he remarked.

Therefore, Gyampo continued, “If the president feels they are performing well and we feel they are not, I think the president’s position must be taken because he appointed them. However, we shall conduct a full evaluation of his government in the end to determine whether or not his ministers were helpful.


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