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Trek star Nichelle Nicols dies at age 89.

Nichelle Nichols, an American actress best known for her work on the science fiction TV series Star Trek in the 1960s, passed away at the age of 89.

One of the first black actors in the US to play a leader in authority, Ms. Nichols broke down barriers in the part of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the television series.

Later, she worked for NASA in an endeavor to recruit more women and people of color to the astronaut corps.

According to her son Kyle Johnson, she passed away on Saturday night from natural causes.

I regret to inform you that a great light in the firmament no longer shines for us as it did for so many years, Mr. Johnson stated in a message shared on Facebook.

Her light, however, will continue to exist for us and future generations to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by, much like the old galaxies now being glimpsed for the first time.

By using performers of color in prominent roles, the 1960s television series Star Trek helped to dispel preconceptions.

The character of Lt. Uhura, played by Ms. Nicholls, was shown as a capable and composed communications officer, defying stereotypes.

She made television history in 1968 when she and William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series, enjoyed one of the first non-romantic interracial kisses.

Despite her achievements, Ms. Nicholls had initially thought about quitting the program. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., however, who called her figure the “first non-stereotypical role played by a black woman in television history,” persuaded her differently.

After the Star Trek television series ended in 1969, she continued to appear in the first six Star Trek films.

Along with her acting career, Ms. Nicholls took on the role of NASA ambassador, promoting the program’s inclusion of women and underrepresented groups.

George Takei, a Star Trek co-star, tweeted the following after learning of her passing: “My heart is sad, my eyes beaming like the stars you now rest amid, my dearest friend.”

Adjoa Andoh, a British actress, said: “We stand on the shoulders of ground breaking greats. Many of us now have hope thanks to Nichelle Nichols. I’m grateful.


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