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Tullow Ghana responds to GOGSPA.

The Ghana Oil and Gas Service Providers Association has summoned TULLOW Ghana, according to publications by many Ghanaian media sites. TULLOW Ghana claims to have taken note of these publications (GOGSPA).

The business acknowledged that it had responded to GOGSPA’s summons with a conditional appearance.

“The case is currently before the High Court in Accra, and the hearing on a GOGSPA-filed application for an interlocutory injunction has been postponed until October 10, 2022.

“Tullow Ghana gives all interested parties its word that it will encourage local Ghanaians to participate in contract awards. Tullow Ghana has always recognized the need to support and develop local expertise and has launched a number of skill-development initiatives to support the growth of local participation. The company has also pursued targeted supplier development initiatives to enable participation in the oil and gas industry in Ghana, according to a recent statement from the company.

It stated that approximately 4,500 local entities have been influenced and benefited from various development efforts and training programs as a result of these interventions.

In addition to around 3,000 contracts provided to joint venture companies with indigenous participation, Tullow Ghana has given over 4,000 contracts to indigenous businesses since 2010. 11.24% of the $16.83 billion in contracts valued at $11.24 billion that were awarded between 2010 and 2021 involved local Ghanaian participation.

“Tullow Ghana has consistently increased the number of contracts given to local businesses over the years and has no intention of displacing them with foreign firms. Instead, Tullow Ghana increased its indigenous contract award cost to up to $1.47 billion between 2014 and 2021, when LI 2204 was passed, compared to $500 million in 2014,” it said.

In accordance with our contractual duties and applicable law, Tullow Ghana has guaranteed all stakeholders of its commitment to working with and building the capacity of local Ghanaians to participate in the oil and gas business.

Tulow Ghana will not make any additional statements at this time since it does not want to jeopardize the ongoing legal procedures.



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