“We need to support others to succeed at certain points of our career” – Becca

One of the legendary women who paved the way for future female musicians in the industry is Ghanaian singer Becca. To 3 entertainment, Becca discusses singing, music, and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Becca’s disappearance has had a significant impact on the area because she used to be a tougher competitor for her allies. The single mother reveals her future intentions and pledges to never leave her followers in the dark.

“I claimed that I wasn’t going to be actively recording music, which a lot of people couldn’t comprehend. There are several records I own. I have enough songs to sing for five hours if I’m standing on stage.

“I have recorded and am currently in the studio. She said to Naphtali Baah, “I informed them that I wasn’t going to be actively doing it because I think that at a certain point, you need to encourage the upcoming people.

Becca kept saying she was going to sing for as long as she could. She committed to perform to the end, citing the late great singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka as an example.

But like Yvonne Chaka Chaka, I’m an artist. At her age, she is still performing. I will therefore continue to perform eternally. I’ll never be able to escape that. Simply put, I’m going to take my time, pace myself, and complete the task as I see fit. I don’t want to follow orders from others, but I do have something for you.

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