What Happened To Vero App?

Vero is a social media platform and mobile app company. Vero markets itself as a social network free from advertisements, data mining, and algorithms.

The app was founded by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri who is the son of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri. The name is taken from the Italian word for truth.

The app launched officially in 2015 as an alternative to Facebook and their popular photo-blogging app Instagram.

The Vero app is very similar to mainstays like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can post photos, videos, and links, share locations, or recommend books, music, and films. Others can like and comment on what you share.

Vero is just as safe as any other social media app we’re all already using. There’s always the risk of impersonators and identity thieves, but that’s usually outside of an app’s control.

Vero supports high-resolution images and they also support a desktop app, something that will make the photographer’s user experience far better than Instagram. One thing that will also make you like the app is its simplicity of once again only having a chronological timeline.


What are the problems with Vero?

Vero is still a thing today, however, it faced quite a several problems in 2015 and 2018.

The app was launched officially in 2015 as an alternative to Facebook and their popular photo-blogging app Instagram. Within weeks of its release, the app surged in popularity although users expressed mixed reports with some feeling confused about how the app worked. However, Vero was not able to handle that load and many were disappointed by failed sign-on and several other issues that resulted from the load.

Issues with signing up and the speed of the app itself have proved a major problem as word spread about the service online.

Others have also pointed out issues around content copyright ownership in the company’s terms and conditions although these have since been updated.

“We’re experiencing an outage due to heavy load. Apologies again for the issues we’re having. We’re working to restore things. We appreciate your patience.” — the Twitter page of the app company wrote on February 25, 2018. while addressing the technical difficulties.

Currently, the app is free to download but the company has already made clear that they will eventually be imposing a subscription service with an annual fee which they claim will be the price of a couple of cups of coffee. They were running a promotion at the early release stage of the app where the first million users to sign up get free membership for life.

To provide that ad-free experience, they do need to generate revenue in some way. The subscription fee – which will likely be less than the price of a cappuccino at Starbucks once every 365 days – will allow them to keep advertisers out and the customer experiences their main and only concern.

Nevertheless, Vero is still alive and released a major update this year with Vero 2.0. For me, it is still the better Instagram from a photography perspective. Especially since it is way more than Instagram in some aspects and way less than Instagram in others.


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