Woman wakes up from a 2 year coma to identify her killer

Wanda Palmer

Wanda Palmer a middle aged woman living in West Virginia was last found on June 10,2020 beaten, hatched and left for dead.

Authorities on site confirmed that Wanda had suffered massive amounts of head trauma consistent with some form of machete.

The lack of eyewitnesses or video footage left the case unclosed for two years as Wanda willowed away in her coma.

Wanda who was then discovered by lawn workers at the time has however recovered consciousness and named her attacker to be her brother Daniel Palmer III.

Daniel Palmer who is now 55years was the initial suspect when the case unfolded two years ago.

The lack of evidence to back this claim aided him to walk free of any convictions.

Wanda’s recent awakening has confirmed that indeed her brother was her attacker and as of now according to the Jackson county sheriff’s office,Daniel has been charged with:attempted murder and malicious wounding.

This news continues to make rounds because it has left people wondering ‘could this be a miracle?’As wonda who was almost thought to be dead by not only the police but by people that found her managed to regain consciousness and enough brain function to recount the events of the day.

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