Prophet Kumchacha President

“You lack sense if you say I don’t qualify to be president” – Kumchacha fires

The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, has lamented the foul remarks that have followed his announcement that he will run for president.

About a week ago, flyers declaring Prophet Kumchacha’s plan to run for president in 2024 appeared online.

Some social media users had conflicting opinions about this and questioned the veracity of the poster before Prophet Kumchacha corroborated the claims.

Even though the controversial man of God’s intentions were good, some were quick to say that he lacked the qualifications to be president of Ghana.

He has responded by calling those who criticize his bid for the presidency stupid and insane individuals.

In an interview with Halifax on Accra-based Okay FM, the preacher stated; “We’ve got to a point where we need to give spiritual leaders a chance to lead this country. You have every right to speculate whether I will win or not. But when you say I’m not qualified to be a president, then you’re a fool.

“If a gentleman like me says I want to contest and I make my arrangements but you utter unnecessary words like ‘he doesn’t qualify’, that’s stupid.”

He added that; “No one was born to be president from their mother’s womb, they need to work towards it. Akufo-Addo did something and that is why he is president.” 

“Rawlings used to order beans and gari and paid later, he didn’t even know he would be president. The door opened and he became president. Sometimes it’s not only about the physical but the spiritual.”


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