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“Youtubing helped me avoid joblessness” – Kwadwo Sheldon

Popular Ghanaian content producer Kwadwo Sheldon claims that despite having an HND in marketing, he started “YouTubing” to avoid being unemployed.

The self-described “content nyame” (content lord) remarked, “I have a lot of people watching my dissection of music. We currently receive roughly two million monthly views.

On Wednesday, July 27, he remarked, “I thought myself how to create and edit videos with the help of YouTube,” during a special episode of Between Hours at the Academic City University College. I did not receive any formal education in it. In essence, the educational system is chew and pour.

“I currently have 10 employees. I feel satisfied knowing that I am feeding 10 people. My greatest joy comes from knowing that I can contribute to my coworkers’ ability to feed themselves. I value it greatly,” Sheldon remarked.

However, Sheldon said that he had sparked scandals for prominent celebrities, noting that “it works for some, it doesn’t work for some. It can occasionally become violent and physical, which spirals out of control.

“I don’t want to develop into a typical content producer. I don’t want to be dull; I want to start a conversation.

“Being bullied as a child gave me the strength to resist. Even now, bullies harass me. Every day, people are mean to me. My head is large, they claim.

But mental health is vital, and you should talk to someone if you’re going through something and need to. “That made me develop a thick skin now and I’m not too bothered about a lot of stuff,” Sheldon added.

Sheldon clarified that the brainstorming portion of his job is the most difficult.

“You have to be constant and on your toes. I need to maintain my brand’s consistency because I built it.


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