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“Zionfelix must be arrested for promoting nudes” – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw (Video)

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, a private legal practitioner, has called for the arrest of Ghanaian blogger Felix Adomako Mensah, also known as Zionfelix, for regularly uploading and promoting nudes on social media.

According to him such demonstrations,  are the outcome of Ghanaian society’s overwhelming indiscipline, which leads to a variety of uncultured behaviours.

Speaking in an interview on Kingdom FM, he stated that showing nudes is against the country’s criminal offense act, internet crime statute, and public decency legislation, all of which were enacted in 1992.

“I’m not sure why Zionfelix keeps interviewing Abena Korkor when he knows she has bipolar disorder.” I believe he is always exploiting the lady in order to promote nudity; police should apprehend him as soon as possible so that he can stop his nonsense,” he said.

Watch video below.

In other news, Ishmael Mohammed Sherif, also known as Black Sherif, a Ghanaian singer, has spoken up about how he deals with trolls and harsh criticism on Twitter.

According to the “Kwaku The Traveler” composer, everyone is entitled to their own view, therefore if the criticism is about his craft, he has no problem with it.

He said that if he finds himself in a legal bind, his attorneys and legal advisors would handle the problem, but if he receives severe criticism from Ghanaians, he simply laughs it off and moves on.

He said that if he finds himself in a legal bind, his attorneys and legal advisors would handle the problem, but if he receives severe criticism from Ghanaians, he simply laughs it off and moves on.

However, he also stated that he does not manage his Twitter profile personally owing to negative remarks and trolls, as he believes the environment is unsafe for his mental health.

He also feels that because the Twitter community can’t be regulated, individuals should be free to express themselves in whichever way they choose. Watch the full interview here.


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