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How To Reregister Your MTN Sim Online With Ghana Card

Due to the impending deadline of July 31, 2022, MTN Ghana is urging all customers who have not yet registered their SIM cards to do so using its dedicated MTN SIM Registration Web Portal.

https://simregistrationportal.mtn.com.gh is the URL for the SIM Registration Web Portal. The entry is available on the MTN website.

Customers can connect their Ghana cards to their SIM card(s) using the SIM Registration Web Portal before going to the service centers or authorized agent points for the biometric capture. The gateway provides users with a web-based version of the USSD interface (*404#) for linking their SIM cards to Ghana card(s).

Customers can connect their Data-Only SIM card(s) to their Ghana card(s) using the internet portal without removing their SIM card(s) from their devices. The portal connects SIM cards used in routers, MIFIs, TurboNets, security cameras, GPS beacons, and other



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