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I’m cautious about new faces- Mr. Ibu.

Nigerian actor John Okafor, better known by his stage name Mr. Ibu, claims that whenever he is around new people, he now tends to be skeptical.

Remember that the actor has been poisoned several times.

The actor stated, “These days, I am always dubious because I later found out that it was someone I had assisted in the past (who poisoned me),” in an interview with Sunday Scoop.

Okafor continued, “If not for God, the outcome would have been bad. I’m currently getting therapy in Abuja for the poison in my system. I am currently receiving treatment as we speak someplace in Guzape, Abuja.

The actor also demanded that the government step up its efforts to protect moviemakers. I expect the Federal Government to take action on this,” he stated. Actors, whether we like it or not, are working for the government. We produce movies for the general public’s benefit. The government has the power to better safeguard us if they so want.


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