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Jean Mensa is a threat to Ghana’s democracy- Lawyer Edudzie.

The present EC Chairperson, Mrs. Jean Mensa, has been cited by Lawyer Godwin Edudzie Tamakloe of the NDC Legal and Communications Team as the biggest threat to the nation’s democratic experiment.

The lawyer believes that by restricting registration to the use of the Ghana card as identity, millions of potential voters will be denied the right to vote.

The National Identification Authority had almost 17 million (17,138, 609) people enrolled as of Thursday, August 4th, however not every person will get a card.

Of the aforementioned number, 571,149 registered Ghanaians, according to the NIA, do not have their Ghana Cards printed.

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia program, he revealed that many Ghanaians have registered for a Ghana card, but despite their best efforts, they have not yet received their card.

Therefore, he warned, “you may wind up disenfranchising qualified voters who have not been to register for the Ghana card” if the Electoral Commission decides to utilize it as the only form of identification for registering a voter’s id card.

Reports that the EC might create a new voter registration for the 2024 elections have been refuted by the EC.

The Commission said it was instead putting in place procedures to ensure the continuing registration of people onto the register, while maintaining that the register that was created for the 2020 Election was still trustworthy.

According to Dr. Serebour Quaicoe, director of electoral services at the EC, the new registration procedure would use the Ghana card as a foundational document to register new people.

So, he explained, “We are saying that if individuals are going to register at our district offices any day, they need some valid kind of identification, and it’s probable that once it’s going to be continuous, the political parties won’t be there to be guaranteeing or opposing to it.



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