Nana Tornado Chairman Wontumi and Afia Schwar

Nana Tornado reveals the reason Chairman Wontumi claimed to be the father of Afia Schwar’s twins

Nana Tornado has made some shocking revelations about her former best friend, Afia Schwazenegger’s relationship with Chairman Wontumi and her twin boys.

The socialite reacted to the July 9 show because it gave a lot of attention to Afia Schwarzenegger and her tense encounters with Chairman Wontumi and other performers.

Nana Tornado said he couldn’t understand why Afia Schwarzenegger keeps saying she dated Wontumi and that he had previously claimed to be the father of her twins.

The twins of Afia Schwarzenegger were reportedly about to be expelled from Kumasi High Senor High owing to their disobedience, according to Nana Tornado in a video he shared on his Instagram account. This caused Afia to beg Wontumi to speak with the school administration and request their release.

According to Nana Tornado, Chairman Wontumi allegedly phoned the school administration to beg them to forgive the twins for what they had done and to say that he was the father of Afia Schwarzenegger’s twins.

Afia Schwarzenegger should stop bringing up the issue and bring up the name of the NPP’s Ashanti Regional Chairman, Chairman Wontumi, Nana Tornado said. Chairman Wontumi has not been claiming to be the father of Afia’s twins, but rather that it happened once in Kumasi High School.

Check out the video below.

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