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“No record has made more money than “Touch it” has in history of Ghana“ – KiDi says

Lynx Entertainment artiste KiDi has disclosed how successful his hit single “Touch It” was commercially.

KiDi, on June 23, 2021, released a single titled “Touch it,” and after its release, the song did very well in mainstream media.

It gathered a huge number of followers on various digital platforms, leading to the “KiDiTouchItChallenge” on Tiktok, which went viral in so many countries.

Aside from the song going viral, KiDi says there’s no song in the history of Ghana music that has made more money than his Touch It banger.

According to him, he is not saying this to blow his own trumpet but to shut some critics down who said although his song has broken frontiers, including going platinum in India, it did not translate to monetary returns.

“In the history of Ghana music, I don’t think any song in Ghana has more money than ‘Touch It’ as far as I’m concerned,” he said.


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