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What Is Vero True Social? Everything You Need To Know About The New Social App

From how to use it to its biggest problems, we’ve rounded up all the info you need on the social media app that has suddenly shot up in popularity.

As you may well have noticed, thousands of people have recently swapped out their Instagram account for Vero, a new content-sharing app that has been slowly developing a following since its quiet launch a few years ago.

So, what is it all about? And is it worth making the changeover? Let’s “investigate”.

What Is Vero?

Vero is a social networking site that has the central selling point of being ad-free and not based on an algorithm. Unlike Twitter or Insta where you can just post a message or a picture, with Vero you add movies, tv, music, books, places, photos, or links each time. Plus, it has the bonus feature of allowing you to easily choose exactly who sees each of your posts.

How Does Vero Work?

You can choose exactly who sees your content each time by splitting your followers into four groups: close friends, friends, acquaintances, and followers. None of your followers will know which group they are in and you can turn off individual post types from the people you follow eg. if your mate keeps posting too many bad TV recommendations, you can filter them out.

Which Celebrities Are On Vero?

Not many at the moment but expect that to change as the company pushes for more and more influencers to join the service while it is still growing. We will keep you posted.

Is Vero Free To Use?

Currently, the app is free to download but the company has already made clear that they will eventually be imposing a subscription service with an annual fee which they claim will be the price of a couple of cups of coffee. They are running a promotion at the moment where the first million users to sign up get free membership for life so, if you are interested, we suggest you jump on it.

What Are The Problems With Vero?

Aside from the fact that it will eventually charge users, the one major issue people have been facing is that, due to the sudden surge in popularity, they are experiencing a lot of technical difficulties.

“We’re experiencing an outage due to heavy load. Apologies again for the issues we’re having. We’re working to restore things. We really appreciate your patience.” — the Twitter page of the app wrote on February 25, 2018.

Issues with signing up and the speed of the app itself have proved a major problem as word spread about the service online.

Others have also pointed out issues around content copyright ownership in the company’s terms and conditions although these have since been updated.


Where Do I Get Vero?

You can download the app on both android and iPhone now. Search Vero in the Play or App store.

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