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Chiefs of Yilo Krobo plead with ECG to restore power.

To prevent the collapse of local businesses and economic activity, the chiefs and residents of Yilo Krobo in the Eastern Region have pleaded with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to restore power supply.

The neighborhood has been without electricity since July 27, 2022, as a result of the ECG’s decision to disconnect power to the area as a result of acts taken by a portion of the population who refused to allow the company to change their postpaid meters with prepaid ones.

Nene Anyeenorgu Teye Agor IX, the Divisional Chief of Okper, stated at a press conference last Monday in Somanya that the people had no issues with the ECG and would, therefore, continue to support the business in its prepaid meter installation efforts.

Since the business began the prepaid meter installation exercise a few weeks ago, he added, “We want to emphasize absolutely and emphatically that no citizen of Yilo Krobo has, on record, ever opposed, confronted, or impeded the ECG in the course of its duties.”

He said that no incidents of attacks, threats, or difficulties faced by ECG workers in Yilo Krobo had been reported since “Yilo Krobo locals are law-abiding and will never do anything unpleasant to disturb the quiet.”

“The ECG has always collaborated closely with the Yilo Krobo paramountcy in carrying out and managing its legal duty and obligation. The company has never reported problems with Yilo Krobo households during the continuous installation of the prepaid meters to the paramountcy or chiefs, the chief continued.

“The power outage is harming every part of our existence in the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area, notably Somanya, the traditional and municipal capital, where schools are suffering and every economic activity has come to a halt,” he further appealed with the ECG.


“The effect of this general disconnection is more harmful and costly to the country than one can imagine,” said Nene Agor. “The people of Yilo Krobo felt disappointed, deceived and saddened by the decision of the ECG to indefinitely shut down power, not only in communities where some people had disrupted ECG activities but also extended it to Yilo Krobo, where the people were always cooperating with the company in the deployment of prepaid meters.”

Yilo Krobo is assisting in resolving ECG issues in the area, according to National Security and the Public Utilities Regulation Commission (PURC), he stated.


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