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Comedian DKB ‘clashes’ with NPP MP over IMF bailout tweet

Comedian DKB, real name Derrick Kwabena Bonney, has clashed with Frank Annoh-Dompreh, the member of parliament for Nsawam-Adoagyiri, over the latter’s justification of the government’s decision to seek an IMF bailout program.

In an apparent attempt to support the government’s decision to do the same, Frank Annoh-Dompreh, who also serves as the Majority Chief Whip in Parliament, quoted a CNN news piece in a social media post. 

The CNN article stated that a number of countries were requesting IMF bailouts.

“Half of the world is asking for assistance from the IMF, this is not peculiar to just Ghana.” “Interesting read,” he captioned his tweet.

The NPP MP’s justification did not sit well with DKB, who couldn’t understand why he would use the problems of other nations as benchmarks for Ghana.

According to him, the defense was like that of a student who had failed an exam but was defending it by citing previous instances of huge failures by peers.

DKB responded in a tweet, “Daddy, I know I failed the examinations with my 36 percent, but 2 years ago many students failed with the same 36 percent.”

Frank Annoh-Dompreh answered by stating it was unfortunate the comedian was not respecting the current difficult times and that he would stand firm in his zealous defense of the administration.

The Majority Chief Whip said, “You are unfairly discounting the variables today & overly simplifying the matter at hand, unfortunate,” 

In response, the comic said, “It’s only simple matters that are simplified. The variables today are very favorable to assent expedient development, it’s been 2 years for God’s sake.

He tweeted, “Even Malaysia that was par with Ghana in 1957 has mopped up, recovered and increased per capita without IMF,”


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