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Dad lectures his son on how to close the door of his SUV (Video)

A Nigerian dad has been seen in a trending video demonstrating to his son how he expects him to close the door of his SUV gently instead of slamming it.

The son captured a video of his dad reprimanding about not slamming the door of his car after he alighted.

“If you want to close the door, do it like this, gently, not like that. This is not a tipper car,” he said while showing his son how to close his car.

Watch the video below.

In other news, a lady has shared on social media how she was shocked to learn that the man of her dreams was already legally married two years after meeting him.

The lady claims to have met this man two years ago and assumed she had finally met her ideal partner. The hope was that one day she would be permanently bonded to him since she felt so attached to him and had so many adventures with him.

She was devastated, though, when the fictitious wife of her boyfriend called to warn her to leave him before the worst happened to her. Continue reading…..



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