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DVLA engages MTN in mobile service extension.

To inform the workers about its services, the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) organized a mobile service outreach at the MTN Ghana headquarters in Accra.

The Authority informed the personnel of the telecom behemoth about the new reforms being implemented as well as the DVLA Mobile van services both in person and virtually.

After the outreach, Thelma Botchway, the DVLA’s public relations officer, told the media that “the engagement was fruitful and that the MTN Staff were pleased that we came around to explain our services and the new reforms being implemented.”

She stated that the Authority made the decision to reach out to its clients a few years ago so they could better comprehend the services the DVLA provided.

“We decided to go out to the doorsteps of the customers to sensitize and provide them with our services,” she said. “These services include issuing learners licenses, renewing learners or expired licenses or rider’s licenses, replacing driver’s licenses, converting foreign divers licenses, issuing international driving permits, and proficiency testing.”

According to Mrs. Botchway, the Authority was conducting the outreach in conjunction with accredited eye care facilities to screen both new and existing clients.

“All corporate institutions interested in our service should phone us and we will be there provided they are a minimum of 20 individuals,” she added, adding that the DVLA is evolving to better serve its customers. In order to allow kids to obtain their driver’s license before they graduate from school, we are also looking at truck terminals and tertiary institutions.

After completing the process, Paa Kwesi Gadagbui, senior manager of enterprise planning and architecture at MTN, expressed his satisfaction to the media, saying, “I came here to get my international driver’s license and I have gone through the process including the eye test now I am waiting for my card to be issued to me.”

He claimed that, when weighing price against convenience and service, mobile service is more cheap.



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