Heartbroken man changes mind after ordering cake for his girlfriend, tells baker to ‘eat it’

A lady identified as Deshola on Twitter has taken to the app to recount how a heart broken guy turned around after ordering a cake from her bakery.

The man allegedly contacted her and asked her to create a cake for his girlfriend, according to Deshola.

He intended to give it to his girlfriend on her birthday and had already paid for it in advance. But afterwards, he called her and instructed her to cancel the order.

However, he told Deshola to eat because he had already paid for it and no longer wanted the cake.

Deshola wrote; ”The man that paid us to bake a cake for his gf birthday just called and said we should eat the cake…I can’t even begin to imagine what went wrong The man was talking with pain in his voice…I felt for him.”

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