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Nollywood actors kidnappers demand $100,000 ransom.

The families of notable Nollywood actors Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel have been contacted by the kidnappers, who are demanding a total of $100,000 to free the actors, who are also members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

The Guild said that this communication came about through their families. After their families discovered they hadn’t returned from a filming site in Ozalla Town, Enugu state, Nigeria, the actors were reported missing.

Both actors are well known for appearing in films that were filmed in the Delta and Enugu States.

The national president of the AGN, Emeka Rollas, said to a source on Saturday that the kidnappers had gotten in touch with the families and demanded $100,000. We ask God to intervene and to create turmoil among them in their midst.

We are also closely collaborating with various security personnel, but we are unsure what to anticipate from them given that the same thing is occurring around the nation, he stated.

Mr. Rollas added that Guild members are coordinating closely with the victims’ relatives and law enforcement to achieve their safe release.

The money in Cynthia Okereke’s account was “cleared” by the kidnappers this morning, Mr. Rollas continued.

Mr. Rollas claimed that the Guild had instructed its members to take proper security precautions in their locations and to refrain from shooting outside of the city as part of efforts to prevent a recurrence.

In a press release, AGN’s Director of Communications, Monalisa Chinda, first announced the actors’ abduction.

According to Ms. Chinda, members’ concerns regarding the security of actors filming in the nation have grown as a result of their kidnapping.



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