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“Not all Reggae and Dancehall musicians are wee smokers” – Epixode

Epixode, a Reggae and Dancehall musician, has stated that it is high time to challenge the idea that all musicians who perform in these genres are  smokers.

He asserted that this is untrue and used himself as an example, stating that despite belonging to that genre, he can confidently state that he has never used a hard substance in his life.

He said: “Not to say that every reggae or dancehall artiste uses marijuana that’s a misconception because me for instance I’ve never smoked wee before in my life.”

He went on to explain that aside from smoking he has never taken in any alcholic drink despite the fact that he has dreadlocks.

”I have never drunk alcohol before but I have locks and people tend to mix it up because not everybody who has locks is a Rastafarian though mine is dreadlocks”.

The ‘avatar’ hitmaker added that there are a lot of people walking around who smoke and drink alcohol but they don’t have dreadlocks but society sees them as good people.

“There are a countless number of people out there who are not reggae dancehall artiste or not having dreadlocks but use marijuana even more than the reggae dancehall artiste do,” he said.

“But then with time when we educate ourselves more on these things our eyes will be opened enough to understand these things better than now,” he concluded.



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